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Unfortunately there has not been a new issue of AS-IS FICTION since 1998 (that's about 10 years for anyone keeping track). At present (January 2008), there are no immediate plans of publishing additional issues of the magazine. Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy what we created so many years ago.

A NOTE TO FIRST TIME VISITORS: The Gone South Productions... and As-Is Fiction sites have not undergone any significant review or redesign since about 1997, and largely remain here to keep the few existing issues of As-Is Fiction available for new readers. You will find most of the email links disabled, but if you would like to contact me for some reason I still check the "ccd" address at the gonesouth domain. Also worthy of note - the souvenir shop is still open although it is now focused on stuff related to Gary Digs, and of course if you want to send me money for either the plugins or songs provided on the Gone South Destinations page, feel free ;)

Gary M. Blakely II - Cheif Creative Director
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Gone South Productions... and AS-IS FICTION are excited to announce that AS-IS FICTION is distributed freely via our website in PDF. AS-IS FICTION is here primarily for archival purposes and no longer accepts submissions.

If you have any specific questions regarding AS-IS FICTION please contact the Chief Creative Director of Gone South Productions... via e-mail at CLICK HERE (and edit address).

Thank-you for your interest in fiction in the raw.

Gone South Productions... and AS-IS FICTION are pleased to provide this publication as a forum for the presentation of material by new authors and artists. Whenever possible, the material in AS-IS FICTION is presented in content and format to closely resemble the author's and artist's original work. The material is only lightly edited for typographic errors. Our desire is to keep AS-FICTION true to it's name and present the material AS-IS to the best of our ability. Thank-You for taking the time to examine our publication and to enjoy the refreshing experience of original WORK. - Gary M. Blakely II (fall 1996)

AS-IS FICITON was published annually by Gone South Productions... in Portable Document Format and remains available via the internet at http://www.asisfiction.com/. All work in AS-IS FICTION is reprinted with permission of the author. The author retains all other rights to the material. None of the material here-in shall be reproduced or redistributed in any form without prior written consent from both the author and Gone South Productions... by any party other than the author. All artwork and photographs are the exclusive property of Gone South Productions... unless otherwise indicated. The artwork and photographs may not be reproduced, redistributed, nor altered in any way without prior written consent from Gone South Productions... or the owner of the material as appropriate.

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